2016 Board of Management

 President:                         Andrew Mott

Vice President:                 Scott Jaques

Secretary:                           Scott Jaques                     (Volunteer coordinator, Sportingpulse Admin) 0451 370 369

Treasurer:                          Sarah Conway                  (Finance)

Executive Committee:

Stef Clarke                         (Netball)

Scott Pendergast              (Football Services)

Jannette Duncan              (Player Welfare and Trainers)

Beau Seymour

Clinton Shoppee



Sub Committee Representatives:

Andrea Jaques              (Canteen)

Russell Welsh                (Bar)

Rob Lorey                       (Maintenance and Facilities)

Administration Officer:  Penne Tregenza               (Marketing, Membership and Events)

Netball Admin:                  Vicky Long                 

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